Department of Financial Services Bureau of Fire Standards and Training
The system will be checking to see if there might already be a profile on file for you. The system will first check your SSN. If your SSN is not on file we will continue checking by asking for your First and Last name.
NOTE: If you do not have a SSN please contact the Florida Fire College at 352-369-2800.

Profile Information

You are required by state and federal law to disclose your social security number on this application. Section 666(a)(13) of Title 42, Unites States Code, requires each state to obtain the social security number of each applicant for a professional or occupational license on the application for the license. The purpose of collecting social security numbers is for administration of the child support enforcement provisions of Title IV-D of the Social Security Act.

The Department of Financial Services also uses social security numbers for identity verification purposes in conjunction with background checks of applicants and for identity verification purposes in the Department's electronic database for licensees, certificate holders and applicants